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What is disism ?

DISISM is a project dedicated to guarding privacy, security and freedom. It was created to create a fully decentralized, encrypted and secure online space that provides people with a truly free and privacy-protected Internet experience. DISISM's philosophy is that each individual should be his or her own "knight", having the power to control his or her own data and information without interference from any third-party organization. Therefore, DISISM aims to provide users with a more secure, free and privacy-protected online environment through decentralized technology, so that everyone can enjoy a free and secure Internet.


Year 2018: Let's do some really fun stuff. Build a free and open Internet.

Year 2019: Technology is an important force for the benefit of mankind.

Year 2020: Keep the initial enthusiasm.

Year 2021: Creating a better world for ourselves and those around us.

Year 2022: Don't give up freedom and human dignity, pursue privacy and equality, and witness the end of the "Winter on Fire".

Year 2023:Never afraid of new technologies.


open source All open source project source codes will be submitted in the link list below. Since the website is under construction, the code and articles have not been fully migrated and submitted, and the articles will also have incomplete parts, which we will fix as soon as possible. All content in the article, if not marked, uses the "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License". All open source code is free to use unless otherwise noted.

GITHUB: disismGITHUB: hvxahv

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