disism.com rebirth.




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disism.com gets a new lease on life, doing something more meaningful to protect digital privacy and security, as we launch our decentralization initiative.

It can communicate with any server that supports Activitypub, and then supports the ipfs decentralized file protocol, and is also poised to support end-to-end encrypted communication in the future. It has also designed many interactions to ensure user privacy and absolute security, and open sourced a server written in Golang.

There is still a longer way to go in the future, and it will continue to improve and mature.

The next step is to prepare to change the application to microservices or redesign the software architecture to handle more possible problems and face many technical challenges. We will improve and optimize as we continue to explore the future.

Always remember to keep the initial enthusiasm for a free and open Internet.

Some more plans

We intend to create the Brave website, which is an attempt to decentralize the ipfs protocol. It will be used to publish technical articles that will help you protect your privacy. These articles will be synchronized and stored permanently on the ipfs node and cannot be modified or deleted.

Asa a simple toy, a tool site it was supposed to be a fun project to help Japanese majors learn, in the future we will revamp it to do more.

Tighter integration of all the features and services of disism.com.

More effort will be put into disism.com in the future.

Sincerely, Developer HVTURINGGA